Marriage Vows

Many of my clients are brides, eager to enter the adventure and the blessing of marriage. They are my favorite to work for. Who doesn’t love a sweet love story and wedding celebration?! Some ask me to write their wedding vows so they have a visible reminder of the promises they have made to each other. […]

Trending Baby Names… in calligraphy

My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a BOY, this December! Earlier in the year we had such fun going through baby names, listing our favorite girl and boy names. Did you know the Social Security site has a listing of all the top baby names? The list they have is from 2013’s data… but […]

Rubber Stamps in Calligraphy

Rubber stamps. Seems like I’ve loved rubber stamps since I was young. It started with a few simple kits, and then the popular Stampin’Up! parties filled my mother’s drawers with even more fun stamps, chalks, ink pads, embossing powders and glitter… not to mention the decorative scissors. There are so many fun things you can […]

Fall Project!

This past week I bought our first pumpkin of the season from HEB (my favorite grocery store!). I wanted to place it by our front door as part of the fall decor, but decided to try writing on it first. I used a thin pen to sketch out “Give Thanks” – this comes off easily […]

Pantone Fall Wedding colors

I’m excited to be attending a friend’s wedding in less than a month and am eager to see what colors she has selected for their special day! These are the top 10 fall wedding colors for 2014. From the invitation to the actual wedding and reception, how many will you notice, I wonder? For some […]

And it’s October!

I’ve noticed that many are claiming October to be the best month ever! It’s time to pull out a few sweaters, to burn the pumpkin candle, watch some football, change your decor to all things fall, and savor your favorite autumn drink The other day I sat down with my white ink and some bright orange paper… […]

Letterpress Prints

It’s very special to me to have Scripture in my home, and being a calligrapher, I had always dreamed about creating some pieces in letterpress. To me, letterpress is rich, soft, elegant. Perfected by Johann Gutenberg in the 1400s, letterpress is a form of printing where an image is pressed into the paper. I decided to […]

a pen show!

This past weekend was the Dallas Pen Show! My husband and I took the afternoon to view the huge display of fountain pens, from vintage to brand new. It was quite fun! The highlight was seeing my good friend and calligraphy mentor, Michael Sull, who was also a vendor at the show. Every summer we’ll usually […]

a bit of loveliness for your wedding

Sometimes it’s those little touches that make all the difference to your wedding decor. Things like, a little sign in the bathroom. Or, a greeting of welcome on a chalkboard. Or, framed wording by your guest book. Often, these are the last-minute, ooh I should have done that!!, why didn’t I think of it?, type […]

Chalkboard Signs

It was barely two weeks before my wedding and I was in bed with the flu! Creating this sign was one of the first things I did upon feeling better. I started by purchasing a large foam board (white) sign from Hobby Lobby and a can of chalkboard paint (black). After giving my foam board […]