Marriage Vows

wedding vows in calligraphy jennifercalligrapher

Many of my clients are brides, eager to enter the adventure and the blessing of marriage. They are my favorite to work for. Who doesn’t love a sweet love story and wedding celebration?! Some ask me to write their wedding vows so they have a visible reminder of the promises they have made to each other. That is a privilege and honor.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 96th birthday, and had she been living, she and my grandfather (who is 101) would be enjoying their 77th year of wedded bliss. Not only did God bless them with a long marriage of 74 years, but also with a healthy and loving marriage. My grandfather has often shared how they never went to bed angry and how they always prayed together. They laughed much, traveled together, and served together. A beautiful team. Wonderful parents and grandparents. Life-long best friends. When my grandmother was dying from stroke complications, my grandfather would go to her room every day. She could not talk. She didn’t open her eyes. Even though he himself was in a scooter, he would manage to stand long enough to bend over and kiss her goodnight. He called her his little princess.

When I think of their marriage, I’m inspired. Such love and tenderness. Such faithfulness. A life-long commitment.

A vow, by definition, is a solemn promise or oath.

I wish all my brides happy and long marriages! It’s my hope that their wedding vows will be a sacred foundation for their marriage. Marriage is such a gift, and the promises made to one another before God and witnesses certainly make for a beautiful, cherished moment.

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