The beginnings of a blog…

Calligraphy practice tools

{I am beginning a blog that will be updated with fun tidbits about the life of a calligrapher. Short posts, inspiring links, thoughts about weddings and etiquette, and more. Hope you enjoy!!}

Sharing a couple of my favorite tools for practicing… besides your every day pencil, there are more tools you can use that are quite fun!

~the LePen comes in many colors. It’s a fine, felt-tipped marker. great for envelopes. You can buy these at fine stationery stores.
~the Yoropen – can be bought here. It’s a great pencil, and can be held just like an oblique pen. Not just for lefties Wonderful for practicing!
~ Pigma Micron, 01 size (LOVE it!). You can find these at Michaels and HobbyLobby.
~ZIG Millennium, size 05. A bit more challenging to find, but some scrapbook stores should have them. I switched to the Pigma Micron pens but still have some of these in various colors.

Regarding practice paper; if you’re only using pencils, markers and pens similar to above, then tablet paper or notebook paper is just fine! For practice with your pen/ink, I recommend Clairefontaine’s lined tablets from Paper & Ink Arts.

And just how to hold the YoroPen? it’s quite simple 🙂

jennifercalligrapher pencil grip