written with custom made gouache ink

With the start of a new month, comes a fun page filled with variations for writing February in pointed pen calligraphy!

These styles are based on scripts from yesteryear – those of Copperplate and Spencerian. I mixed gouache to create pretty colors or bright pink and purple. If you’re new to gouache, I recommend Winsor & Newton. You can find a collection of colors here on Amazon. I like using small 1oz. Nalgene containers to mix ink (bought at the Container Store!). You’ll need to add a drop or two of gum arabic to help the ink stick to the paper and have that nice feel that is slightly raised off the page once dry.

let’s write a beautiful F!
simply flourished F

As always, I recommend practicing on very smooth lined paper. I enjoy the quality paper that you’ll find with the Rhodia tablets.

I use the Nikko G nib. It’s quite sturdy and should last you hours upon hours of delightful writing. Usually I can address about 60-70 envelopes before needing to start a new one. Be sure to wipe it off with Windex first to remove protective finish on the nib. My wooden pen holder was made by Heather Victoria Held.

Happy February!

simple and sweet