Practicing Spencerian Script

When it comes to learning a traditional hand, I have found that “copy work” is helpful. This is where you place an example on your desk, and then do your best to copy it (no tracing, just look, study, and try to write exactly what you see). Having scripts from the original masters is so important. Various exemplars and styles of script can be accessed on the IAMPETH website. In fact, you could spend hours looking at old books there! One of the many books I have purchased and enjoy studying is called An Elegant Hand by William E. Henning. This book has so many gorgeous examples of Spencerian Script. You can read about the lives of the penmen from yesteryear, see their work, and be inspired in your practicing!

practice at my desk
These Spencerian letters are so graceful.
After studying the letters and writing the alphabet, I tried some fall words.
Highly recommended!