Modern vs Traditional

Modern hand lettering has become popular, and I’m sharing a few tips for writing in a more modern style using your pointed pen. I’ll always recommend starting with a traditional hand before trying your own thing! Having the foundation of a classic, timeless letterform is so important. So, take time to study Copperplate or Spencerian script.

Comparison of modern and traditional letters
Very simple capital letters
Giving your letters a modern touch

Another thing to take note of… are your letters legible? If you’re writing too sloppy, your letters will be difficult to read. For instance, a loopy “e” could be mistaken for an “l.” Strive to make your letters readable! To write more modern, let your base line vary with each letter, especially the lowercase letters. They almost bounce. Your capital stem/main stroke can sweep down and gently turn to the right. This creates a more playful look. When you cross a lowercase “t” you might try coming from above, crossing, then sweep down a little. Finish letters with a downstroke then comes beneath the baseline, then quickly comes up and curves to the right. Study the modern letters and try to see the fun differences.