Never Stop Learning

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ―John Wooden

I’m writing this post, not as someone who knows it all, but as someone who realizes the importance of learning, and never stopping!
In the world of calligraphy there are local guilds, international organizations, conferences, and classes to be a part of, and in the last several years, many are now available online. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites with you!

IAMPETH – the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting.

By joining this organization, you receive delightful newsletters, full access to the website, meet incredible friends, and have the opportunity to attend one of the best conferences in calligraphy! I attended the summer convention from 2008-2013 and am still a member. I can’t recommend it enough to you. From beginner to experienced calligraphers, you will fall in love with this group. It is from IAMPETH that I have grown much in my personal skills, and met many of the other calligraphers that I am sharing with you.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made through the convention!

Harvest Crittenden – Harvest is a Master Penman, and is the director of the Spencerian Saga, held each year in beautiful Ohio’s Geneva-On-The-Lake. This is a great getaway and you will enjoy the small class setting. Her website has information for online classes as well.

Spencerian Saga in 2011

Michael Sull – Michael is a Master Penman and was my first Spencerian/pointed pen mentor. He keeps busy teaching classes around the world, and sometimes you can find him at IAMPETH. He has excellent books available for learning Spencerian and American Penmanship on his website.

Watching Michael Sull do his magic!

Jake Weidmann– Jake is one of the youngest calligraphers I have met who is also a Master Penman. His skill and talent is unequal to anyone his age. You can shop his artwork on his site and sign up for his newsletter for info on upcoming courses. I am currently studying flourishing through his online class, “Fundamentals of Flourishing.” You’ll also enjoy his wife Hannah’s business, Everyday Heirloom + Co.

Joe Vitolo – Dr. Joe is one of the first calligraphers to teach me Copperplate and send me helpful pointers through email. You will benefit from his free iBook, “Script in the Copperplate Style.”

John DeCollibus – John is a very talented Master Penman and he has perfected “Madarasz script” (one of my favorite penman from yesteryear). He offers online classes periodically from his website.

John DeCollibus and his amazing Ornamental Flourishing

Suzanne Cunningham – while I have not met Suzanne, I admire her skill! She has a beautiful instagram account, and offers workshops throughout the year.

Younghae Chung – Younghae is another talented calligrapher that I have not met in person! I have greatly enjoyed her online class, Fearless Flourishing. Her instagram account is so inspiring and you’ll see step by step instructions for making beautiful pointed pen calligraphy. She has an online store as well.

Paper & Ink Arts – my favorite online store for all things calligraphy! Check out their website for info on classes at their store in Nashville! They have a fun rewards program as well.