Envelope Guidesheet for pointed pen addressing

Addressing wedding envelopes using an envelope guidesheet

When it comes to addressing envelopes, every calligrapher as their own special tricks! Some prefer to address in a flush-left manner, this way you don’t have to be concerned about centering. Another way is more modern… you don’t have a base line and the letters are written in a curved/wavy style. I tend to prefer a classic way of addressing, where everything is centered. Believe it or not, just “Mr. and Mrs.” takes a lot of space! Your southern bride might give you a list with full names (middle names included) and it can be intimidating to squeeze everything in! So, here are a few ways I address in a more traditional style. I use a glass desk, that doubles as a light table.

It has a simple drawer, in which I shine a light upwards (I actually use an old, small light table that fits in the drawer, and I turn it upside down so the light shines up). Once you have light desk, you are set to go! Slide the paper inside your envelope (you may need to trim it to fit). Make sure the guidelines are such that you aren’t writing too high or too low on the envelope. You want them to look uniform, so keep in mind that some addresses have an extra line for an apartment number, and you’d start that address one line higher. Decide if your zip code will go on the same space as the city/state, or on a line by itself (ask the bride what she prefers!). Do a sample address in pencil first to work out the kinks. You might show this to your bride to make sure she likes the overall look.

I like to mark the very center of the sheet, both on the front and back. This way, when I slip it into the envelope, I can match the center of the envelope perfectly. I also mark one inch and two inches from the sides. This way I can see that I’m writing in the center of the envelope and can space things more accurately. Sometimes I will lightly shade the base line (x height) so I remember where the base line is and where my lowercase letter will be written.
Envelope Guidesheet especially for addressing envelopes!
Email me for your copy! It will be a printable PDF.
These are great for place cards too – just draw a box the size of the place card and
make sure your base line is in a good spot for writing names.
Place each card in that spot to write.