The end of the alphabet…

W is for watermelon!

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram account {@jennifercalligrapher} then you will know that we’ve completed the alphabet! It’s been such a great journey. Give me a follow to see all the letters.

Study those beautiful scripts from yesteryear

If I could sit down and talk with you about calligraphy, I’d encourage you to practice a little each day, even if it’s only with a pencil. Did I trace at the beginning of my calligraphy studies? Yes, I sure did. Tracing helped me to learn proper muscle memory, but I didn’t stay there… I worked to draw these letters on my own. A fun way to practice is to write with white or gold ink on dark colored paper. Your eye will be attracted to different areas needing improvement, and you can make some cool bookmarks in the process. And I can’t emphasize it enough… study those books and images from the Golden Age of Penmanship (1850-1925)!