Step by step calligraphy

The letter U in pointed pen calligraphy

Sharing a couple more recent pictures from my Instagram account, which you should follow btw! Words of advice I’d offer to a student of calligraphy- go slow. Take your time to achieve a proper pen grip. Pay attention to spacing and shading. Do warm-up exercises. If you’re able to join your local calligraphy guide and/or study under a skilled calligrapher, by all means do! One of the places I progressed was at IAMPETH. I’ve mentioned this amazing organization before. Save for one of their summer conventions; you’ll be able to study with some of the most skilled and sweetest people. Another recommendation is to study a traditional hand like Copperplate or Spencerian script.

Variations on the letter T in pointed pen calligraphy

Tried and true calligraphy items: Nikko G nib. Black Sumi ink (the one with the green cap!). Rhodia tablets. Clairefontaine tablets. Michael Sull pen holder. Heather Held pen holders.