Custom calligraphy for your wedding envelopes!

Calligraphy styles unique to Jennifer

Even before seeing your beautiful wedding invitation, your guests will see their names addressed on the envelope. What a special opportunity for them to ooh and ahh over their names and address! Yes, there are gorgeous fonts available, but nothing really compares to hand addressed envelopes written with a dipping pen and ink. Your guests will find their envelopes are a keepsake.

“Alexander” my most popular wedding style

Addressing envelopes by hand does take time, as each one is written very carefully. I have been offering wedding calligraphy since 2007, and I don’t rush through a job, but give it careful detail. I usually ask for 2 weeks per 100 addresses. Under my tab “Preparing your project” you’ll find plenty of tips and instructions for getting your guest list ready for me.

Guidelines and sparkly gold ink.
Colorful flourishes made these envelopes so special!
If you use my calligraphy services for your wedding invitation too, then your whole set will match!
So many wonderful styles