Printing Invitations

There are many options when it comes to selecting your wedding papers. One of the least expensive options is called flat printing, and even watercolor can be printed this way. It is smooth to the touch. The one I chose for my wedding invitations is called thermography (aka faux engraving). It’s a raised print, but no impression is made on the back of the invite (as true engraving would). Its a pretty option for sure! Letterpress is a beautiful way to print, and often has a softer look and feel. Blocks of metal are pressed into the paper to indent the letters on the front. You’d usually choose 100% cotton paper. Engraved printing is one of the most formal and costly choices. The design is etched onto a copper plate, which is a fun keepsake to have. It creates raised lettering that you can feel and an impression on the back. Foil stamping is yet another option and can be just as expensive as engraving.

Foil invitation


Engraved Invitation

Thermography Invitations

Flat press on the monogram

Here is an article from the Knot on wedding invitation printing.