Let’s talk monograms for a minute. They are classy, unique, southern, and loved by most brides! But how do you know where to place your letters?

For a personalized 3-letter monogram, there are several options: make the letter on the left side the initial of your first name, the center letter (larger!) the first initial of your last name, and the letter on the right side the first initial of your middle name (or your maiden name).

Traditionally, individual monograms for men are based on the order of their name (Joshua Caleb Smith would be written, JCS).

Married or unmarried couples can use a 2-letter monogram, which is perfect for wedding invitations! The woman’s initial is listed first.

Married couples can also create 3-letter monograms. You would use this on stationery, on your wedding reception program/party favors, or on linens. It should not be used on the wedding invitation because you are not a married couple yet and do not share the same last name. Typically, the woman’s initial is on the left side, then the couple’s shared surname initial, then the man’s initial.