Calligraphy Class

online calligraphy class

I’m excited to be offering another online calligraphy class! This one will be begin in September (after Labor day) – from the comfort of your home 🙂
The class is done through email, studying three letters a week, with the goal of learning the letter forms very well before even picking up a calligraphy pen. We also practice many exercises that help to increase your muscle memory of ovals, and train you to relax your arm/hand. It’s so much fun! You’re welcome to go at your own pace as well.

All that’s needed is your computer, printer, some notebook paper and a pencil! Good for all ages.
Email me for more details (link in the right column).

{UPDATE} for those interested in future workshops, please email me! A workshop is not planned unless there is an interest shown by at least 7 students.